About Us

Our extensive background in Big Data and analytics combined with our powerful software platform enables us to extract and evaluate data from a wide variety of disparate traffic systems and related applications in order to provide enhanced data analysis. This is particularly compelling where there is an urgent need to integrate data and respond in real-time to critical and dynamic situations and environments.

We provide situation awareness and continuous intelligence to enable smart infrastructure. As the volume and velocity of raw data continues to increase, we help organisations “find the needle before it goes into the haystack”.

We can utilise many existing data sources that currently exist in, for example, UTMC compliant common databases so no further capital expenditure may be required for additional inputs and sensors at the initial stages of implementation and deployment. Examples include UTMC and RTPI systems and sensors including SCOOT data, ANPR data, air quality sensors and weather data.

Technology concept: hex-code digital background, 3D render

These can be easily and cost effectively augmented by other inputs and sensors over time such as further ANPR journey time cameras, Bluetooth motes, mobile phone data, Wi-Fi mesh networks, social media, etc. Good results can be achieved with existing data sources. However, the more data available, the better the output results.

Management Team

John Reiss


Graduate of Sheffield University, attended London Business School, Chartered Accountant with PWC before spending twelve years in senior finance positions with Union Carbide, Fisons, Arcadia & Thorn EMI. Established John Reiss & Associates to advise on corporate strategy and financing.

Clients have included film, television, music, telecommunications, publishing, leisure and consumer businesses. Co-founded magazine Opera Now, was a director of George Harrison’s HandMade Films, co-founded the Guinness Encyclopaedia of Popular Music series, was a director of collectible model maker Corgi Classics, of media access services provider IMS Group, of post house Dubbs EyeFrame and Chairman of Miracle Media Group until a successful exit in 2007.

Currently executive chairman of international entertainment/arts communications agency Premier, of educational supply business Creative Art Products and of multiplex cinema operator Peckhamplex. He is an investor in a number of high tech and media ventures. He is active in the not for profit sector and was for ten years Chairman of national charity Missing People.

Alastair Pocock


Alastair has over 30 years’ experience of working within the IT and ITS industry. He started his career in IT working for ICL and Mannesmann Kienzle in system architecture and business development roles.

Additionally, he has a vast experience working within the Intelligent Transportation Sector on a worldwide basis in countries including the United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Scandinavia, Italy, Germany and India.

Specifically, he has worked as a consultant to some of the key players and within the industry, including Arup, City of Tshwane (Pretoria), Mott Macdonald and Syntell. Alastair is a long-time member of the British Computer Society (BCS).

Nick Felisiak


Nick graduated in computer systems at Essex University and has spent 40 years in advanced software development. He joined ICL at Bracknell and worked on mainframe operating system software, database system development and on the Perq Workstation Unix and microcode development, moving with that project to Dalkeith. In 1983 he co-founded Spider Systems which developed software for a variety of UNIX and embedded system suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and Wind River.

Following the sale of Spider Systems he bought out the software business which was not core to the acquirer and as Spider Software developed communications protocols primarily for cellular telephone infrastructure companies such as Lucent, Motorola and Ericsson. From 2002 he was engaged in developing and investing in e-learning software, and also in various open source projects including Wi-Fi device drivers. Originally a non-executive director of Traak, he joined as CTO in 2007 when the original incumbent returned to China for family reasons. He is now co-driver of product development.