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There is a wealth of data available today to city managers and other key stakeholders, the so called Big Data phenomenon. However much of this data exists in data silos and is under-utilised or in many cases not used at all. Our solution employs much of this data, both historical and real-time. It is likely that there may be no or very little additional capital expenditure required to utilise these data sources. In addition, new sensors are becoming available, and many of these are very cost effective and relatively easy to deploy, for example air quality, Bluetooth sensors, social media, mobile phone data and Wi-Fi mesh networks.

Equally important is the ability to visualise and present this data in the form of dashboards which are accessed by various stakeholders. Analytics, particularly real-time predictive analytics, are key outputs.

We very much take a cross domain approach and we also welcome enquiries from non-transport organisations who are struggling to make sense of the volume and variety of data they possess. Our tools and algorithms can be applied to many other use cases struggling to make sense of the data deluge. Examples include energy, health, waste management, etc.

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